Wendy Suart is an author, travel writer, lecturer and professional musician. Her books include The Lingering Eye – Recollections of North Borneo, Golden Morning – An Australian Childhood, With Bags and Swags –  Around Australia in the Forties and Colonial Swansong  - A Mem’s Memoirs  (in preparation).

She cycled around her native Australia with another girl and their dog while still in her teens. This mammoth odyssey took three years.  She then went to Borneo where she married her English husband. He was an engineer with Cable and Wireless and they spent most of their married life in foreign postings while raising six children.

Returning to England in 1974, they lived for six years in Farnham, Surrey where Wendy was very active in the Redgrave Theatre. (Two of her children are actors and played several seasons there while Wendy worked front of house.) In 1980 they moved over the border to Standford in Hampshire.  An experienced broadcaster and speaker, Wendy has been much in demand for W.I.s, Townswomen’s Guilds, U3As and other groups for 25 years.  When her husband died in 1990 she started to travel again, from Antarctica to Bhutan, from Tierra del Fuego to China, from the North Cape to Kenya and Burma to Bulgaria.

For eleven years she has been resident pianist at the beautiful Antiques Warehouse in Farnham, Surrey, where she plays songs from Scott Joplin through to 1920s jazz and 1930s/40s swing.  Many visitors to the Warehouse say they enjoy hearing the songs of their youth which aren't heard on the radio or TV.  They find it very relaxing as they stroll around looking at the antiques.

After many enquiries Wendy has now recorded a CD.  "I've Heard That Song Before" features 46 songs from the golden era when songs were tuneful and had memorable lyrics.  These tracks have been recorded at the Antiques Warehouse on a beautiful old piano and the disc would make a wonderful present for people interested in popular songs of the early 20th century.  It provides an opportunity to relax - although your foot will be tapping  - and to enjoy the nostalgia prompted by these tunes.

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