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"GOLDEN MORNING"  - An Australian Childhood
"Golden Morning" - An Australian Childhood - by Wendy Law Suart, paints a portrait of Melbourne in the 1930s and 1940s -how we lived and what we ate;  the confectionery, drinks and ice cream of the period; the entertainment we devised before we had radio, let alone television;  city shops, theatres, restaurants; primary, secondary and tertiary education; Melbourne's Centenary and the Centenary Air Race from England;  Saturday night dances and social practices;  Luna Park and the Glaciarium;  the Royal Agricultural Show and Puffing Billy (years before Thomas the Tank Engine!);  the war years and the American 'invasion', rationing, gas producers on cars, 'make do and mend', painting our legs with stocking cream;  the Brownout Murders; the great fight between the Aussies and the Yanks;  the wealth of radio entertainment;  Norman Banks, the ace announcer and the originator of "Carols by Candlelight" which has spread around the world;  V.J. Day.  Anyone who knows and loves Melbourne will find this book intensely nostalgic.
This is archive material but far from being an academic treatise .  It consists of personal memories loosely hung on the framework of the remarkable Law family of Melbourne, the second son of which was Dr. Phillip Law, AC, CBE, the most experienced Antarctic explorer of the 20th century.  Many unpublished anecdotes from his childhood and youth are related, tracing the development of his particular skills, physical and cerebral, and outlining the development of his career.

"For almost three days I was in a nostalgic haze while reading your book.  What memories it stirred!  I really enjoyed it."    J. Moody, Berwick
"I loved your book.  I found myself riveted to it, reading until 1am some nights.  It's a wonderful chronicle of a young girl's life, growing up in Melbourne during the 1930s and 1940s.  Congrats on a wonderful book, attractive cover and interesting contents."  T. Kelly, Chirnside Park
"I have read your book from cover to cover.  I began with a sense of curiosity but then it grabbed me!  Your writing was so evocative of childhood experiences for me and page after page recalled things that I'd entirely forgotten....."  F. Marles AM.
"Thank you so much for your remarkable book.  The writing flows beautifully and carries one along full of eager anticipation - consequently difficult to put down.  All very evocative and emotive."  M. Cassidy, Bath.


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